Electric foot warmer
Electric foot warmer

Treat yourself with an electric foot warmer

Do you suffer from cold feet when you sit on the couch? And is your partner already a 'victim' of your icy toes? Don't worry, our electric foot warmers are a lifesaver on cold evenings. With three adjustable heat levels, you can quickly find your ideal temperature and enjoy wonderfully warm feet in no time.

But home isn't the only place you can use them! Is it always this cold at your work? Our electric foot warmer is your new best friend. Wireless and easy to take with you, so you can enjoy warm feet anywhere, without being dependent on a power socket.

The heated foot pocket is extra comfortable

In addition to warmth, this electric foot pocket is also wonderfully comfortable. The footmuff contains a foot cushion with memory foam that immediately gives you a soft feeling on your feet. Wonderful after a long day of suffering.

Our foot warmers are energy saving

Why would you unnecessarily heat the entire room if only your feet are cold? Our foot warmers are not only a pleasure for your feet, but also for your wallet and the environment. They are energy efficient and focus on what is really needed: warming your feet

Safety first

Safety is essential. That's why our foot warmers are equipped with infrared technology, overheating protection and an automatic switch-off timer. This way you can enjoy yourself without any worries. And with the water-resistant properties, you don't have to worry about a little moisture.

Electric foot warmers for business use

An electric foot warmer is also a solution for business purposes. Comfort for your customers or staff, in healthcare, catering, at the campsite or office - a warm gesture that will certainly be appreciated.

Foot pocket blanket
Foot pocket blanket

Cozy foot pocket blankets for comfort and warmth

What could be better than sitting warm on the couch with your favorite series? This feeling is now within reach thanks to our collection of warm foot pocket blankets! Our collection consists of fleece blankets in various colors that are not only wonderfully warm, but also a stylish addition to your interior. Choose your favorite color and make it cozy.

Generous size with side pockets

Are you also jealous of your partner who never has cold hands and feet? This is also a thing of the past for you thanks to two wonderfully warm pockets to warm your hands in. And thanks to the footmuff, it will never enter your feet again. Our warm blankets are generously designed for use on the sofa and large enough to wrap you up completely. With the handy footmuff your feet always stay warm, perfect for long movie nights. And if an accident happens with your drink or snacks, our blankets are easy to wash according to the supplied instructions.

A foot pocket blanket is extremely nice for outdoors

With our blankets you can continue to enjoy the outdoors for longer, for example at the campsite or simply in your own garden or on your balcony. You stay nice and warm in the evening, so you can stay outside, even when the sun has long set. Are you staying inside anyway? The thermostat can easily be lowered a degree when you are under your blanket. You will therefore quickly earn back your blanket and footmuff and you will be doing something good for the environment!

A blanket for business use

Are you looking for a comfortable solution for your customers or staff? Our foot pocket blankets are popular in various industries, including healthcare, catering, camping, sports and outdoor activities. Provide warmth and comfort where it is appreciated.

Heated seat cushion
Heated seat cushion

Sit warm and stylish everywhere with these heated cushions

Treat yourself or a loved one this year with the comfort of our rechargeable heated cushions. Turn any seating area into a warm and cozy experience at the touch of a button. Whether you're working from home (or in the office!), enjoying a book or sitting outside on the patio, our heated seat cushions provide you with the warmth and comfort you need. The cushions are available in different styles and colors to match any interior or terrace. They are easy to move and therefore versatile in use. Take them to your workplace, place them on your dining room chairs or use them outside on the terrace for extra comfort.

With a heated cushion you will immediately warm up

The days are getting shorter, the mornings are chillier and the evenings are downright bleak. With our heated seat cushions you always enjoy a pleasant temperature. They are designed to heat up quickly and retain their warmth, so you can enjoy a cozy feeling even on the coldest days.

Heated pillows are perfect for the patio

Our heated cushions are a must-have for every patio. They are durable and designed to withstand the elements, allowing you to stay outside for longer, even when temperatures drop. Ideal for catering establishments or your own backyard, so you can enjoy the outdoors for longer every season.

Save energy right away

Our electric seat cushions are not only comfortable and warm, but also energy efficient. You can adjust the temperature at the simple touch of a button, without having to heat entire rooms. This makes them an environmentally friendly choice for anyone who wants to use energy consciously. Heat your spot and not the entire room.

A warm solution for business use

Our electric seat cushions are also ideal for business use. Offer your guests or employees extra comfort with this warm addition to your terrace, waiting area or staff area. It's a simple way to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere, where people feel valued and cared for.

Heating blanket
Heating blanket

Treat yourself to a heating blanket

With our wireless heating blankets you can create your own comfortable place, whether at home or in the office. Saving energy has never been so easy and stylish! Quickly choose your favorite heating blanket.

A warm feeling on every seat

Enjoy the ultimate comfort in your own home with our stylish heating blankets. Our cordless electric blankets are specially designed to transform every chair in the house into a wonderfully warm seat. Whether you relax in your easy chair after a long day of work or enjoy a quiet moment in the kitchen. Our seat heating blankets fit any size seat and provide constant and pleasant warmth. Also use the heating blanket as a seat heater for your office chair! Is it often cold or drafty at work? Our electric seat heating is also ideal for cold office days. The wireless infrared heating blanket also looks stylish. Do you often roll with your office chair or do you not have a socket nearby? No problem, our wireless infrared heating blankets offer freedom without cords.

A cozy warming blanket for on the couch

Of course, you can wear the heating blanket on the couch like a cloak. You will have a cozy times in the winter. But there is another way to treat yourself. Spread the blanket over the seat cushion and sit or lie down on it. This way you can also enjoy your heating blanket on the couch as a couple!

Use the blanket as an electric back warmer

This heating blanket is ideal for people who specifically need to heat their back. An electric back heater brings relaxation and warms the muscles in the back and neck. The infrared technology provides deep, penetrating heat, ideal for any room at home or for meetings at work.

Save energy! Heat your spot, not the room

A heating blanket is not only a source of comfort, but also a smart way to save energy. Instead of heating the entire room, which is often unnecessary and expensive, a heating blanket provides direct heat where it is needed most. This personal heating system makes you feel comfortable without turning up the thermostat. This allows you to enjoy pleasant warmth while reducing energy consumption and costs. In this case, a better environment starts on your heated seat.

A heating blanket for business use

Our heating blanket is also a warm solution for business purposes. In healthcare, catering, at campsites and in office buildings, it provides a comfortable heat source for customers and staff.

Heating Cushion
Heating Cushion

A stylish heating cushion for the cold days

Are you looking for that extra bit of warmth during the cold winter evenings? Or do you long for that wonderfully cozy feeling with a warm pillow on your stomach? Our cordless heating cushions offer you exactly that – and they look stylish on your sofa too. Choose the color that suits you and make your evenings warmer and cozier!

An infrared pillow provides deep warmth and relaxation

Do you need a little extra warmth or are you looking for relaxation for your neck and shoulders after a long working day? Our infrared heating cushions are the ideal choice. The deep, penetrating heat helps relieve muscle tension and provides a soothing experience that instantly puts your body into relaxation mode. Transform your armchair into a warm seat and relax.

Our electric heating cushions are energy saving

These cushions look beautiful, are nice and warm and are also energy-saving. Feel free to set the thermostat a setting lower than normal and snuggle up against your pillow. This way you save energy, the environment and your wallet!

Use your wireless electric heating cushion anywhere

Our electric heating cushions are very user-friendly. They are wireless so you don't have to hassle with cords. You charge it, turn it on in your favorite setting and immediately enjoy the warmth, wherever you are. With the three different heat settings you can also adjust the temperature to your personal preference. Do you often feel cold wherever you are? Then just take your heating cushion with you. Whether you are sitting in the garden, in the car, going to the office or camping - you will be nice and warm and comfortable.

Heating cushions for business use

A heating cushion can also be a comfortable addition for your customers or staff. In sectors such as healthcare, catering and campsites, but also in office buildings, a heating cushion from KOZ-E offers that little bit of extra comfort.



The KOZ-E Warm series is powered by a mobile power supply and utilizes an infrared carbon fiber heating element, employing advanced heating technology to keep you warm and cozy. This makes it convenient for outdoor travel without the hassle of power cords. The product is designed with three levels of temperature adjustment. KOZ-E Warm will help you reduce your heating costs as it consumes less energy. In comparison to traditional heaters, KOZ-E carbon fiber heating elements generate heat efficiently from the electricity they use, allowing you to pay less for a greater amount of warmth.

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