Heating Cushion






The KOZ-E Warm series is powered by a mobile power supply and utilizes an infrared carbon fiber heating element, employing advanced heating technology to keep you warm and cozy. This makes it convenient for outdoor travel without the hassle of power cords. The product is designed with three levels of temperature adjustment. KOZ-E Warm will help you reduce your heating costs as it consumes less energy. In comparison to traditional heaters, KOZ-E carbon fiber heating elements generate heat efficiently from the electricity they use, allowing you to pay less for a greater amount of warmth.

A stylish heating cushion for the cold days

Are you looking for that extra bit of warmth during the cold winter evenings? Or do you long for that wonderfully cozy feeling with a warm pillow on your stomach? Our cordless heating cushions offer you exactly that – and they look stylish on your sofa too. Choose the color that suits you and make your evenings warmer and cozier!

An infrared pillow provides deep warmth and relaxation

Do you need a little extra warmth or are you looking for relaxation for your neck and shoulders after a long working day? Our infrared heating cushions are the ideal choice. The deep, penetrating heat helps relieve muscle tension and provides a soothing experience that instantly puts your body into relaxation mode. Transform your armchair into a warm seat and relax.

Our electric heating cushions are energy saving

These cushions look beautiful, are nice and warm and are also energy-saving. Feel free to set the thermostat a setting lower than normal and snuggle up against your pillow. This way you save energy, the environment and your wallet!

Use your wireless electric heating cushion anywhere

Our electric heating cushions are very user-friendly. They are wireless so you don’t have to hassle with cords. You charge it, turn it on in your favorite setting and immediately enjoy the warmth, wherever you are. With the three different heat settings you can also adjust the temperature to your personal preference.

Do you often feel cold wherever you are? Then just take your heating cushion with you. Whether you are sitting in the garden, in the car, going to the office or camping – you will be nice and warm and comfortable.

Heating cushions for business use

A heating cushion can also be a comfortable addition for your customers or staff. In sectors such as healthcare, catering and campsites, but also in office buildings, a heating cushion from KOZ-E offers that little bit of extra comfort.