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About KOZ-E

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Cosy comfort- that's what KOZ-E stands for. And that's what we promise with our heated cushions, heated blankets, and temperature-regulating mattress toppers. Our sustainable products have been carefully developed with you in mind. They help you relax during the day and enjoy a deep night's sleep at night, whether in the living room, bedroom, garden, or while camping. Thanks to our innovative cooling and heating techniques and luxurious textiles, KOZ-E offers you a comfortable experience throughout the day. Take a seat or lie down and relish in the feeling of coziness.

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Mission & Vision

Our Drive

KOZ-E was born from a rich history of 20 years of experience in technology and textiles, with a mission to provide optimal temperature control for your home and sleep comfort, using the most reliable technologies. Since a pleasant temperature is essential for our well-being, we have combined high-quality, soft materials with innovative heating and cooling technologies. At KOZ-E, we highly value elegance and comfort, but we also have a deep commitment to the well-being of people and our environment. That's why we have designed unique products that reduce your reliance on traditional heating and air conditioning, resulting in energy-efficient solutions in the fight against climate change.