Cool and Warm mattress topper.ranging
from 12 to 46 degrees Celsius.

KOZ-E Warm

Wireless Foot warmers, heating blankets,
heating Cushions………

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Your Ideal Sleep Temperature

Experience the ultimate sleep solution with the Cool & Warm Mattress Topper! Say goodbye to restless nights as our innovative temperature control technology allows you to customize your bed's climate from a soothing 12 degrees to a cozy 48 degrees. Elevate your sleep experience and wake up refreshed, whether it's a chilly winter's night or a scorching summer day!


Sleep Researcher


"As a sleep researcher I know that being too hot or too cold is one of the main issues for people to sleep well. Especially sleep onset latency is negatively affected; it takes longer to fall asleep if it is warm or cold in bed.

That’s why in 2023 I’ve tested the KOZ-E sleep. We see that the product performs well from a functional point of view; both cooling and warming works well and is comfortable. It can help you fall asleep more easy and better during a heatwave or a cold winter."


Geert Doorlag is researcher at Royal Auping and focuses on two strategic topics: sleep and sustainability. Trained at the Technical University of Delft as an Industrial Designer (MSc 2008), he has been working at Auping since 2009, first as a product developer, then as a test and validation engineer and in recent years as a researcher.

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More than KOZ-E Sleep

Unique Automatic on/Off

Step into a world of warmth and comfort with KOZ-E! Beyond our renowned KOZ-E Sleep, we invite you to explore our diverse range of rechargeable home products, all designed to bring a touch of cozy luxury into your indoor and outdoor spaces using state-of-the-art infrared technology. Take our heated cushions, for instance, which offer not just warmth but a touch of magic with their unique automatic on/off function. They're there to greet you with warmth as soon as you settle in and say a fond farewell when you step away. KOZ-E is your ever-reliable companion, dedicated to making every moment a warm and delightful experience.

Bag Blankets

With foot pocket elevation and hand pockets

This double-lined blanket bag offers an unparalleled warmth experience. It's washable and features a clever foot pocket that minimizes heat loss while maximizing freedom of movement. Moreover, your hands stay wonderfully warm thanks to the pockets.

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