Cool and Warm Mattress Topper with its own temperature control


How Does KOZ-E Sleep Work?

KOZ-E Sleep creates the ideal temperature in bed, helping you fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep.

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Personalized Temperature Control

Research suggests that temperature is a significant factor affecting sleep quality*. With KOZ-E, you can adjust the bed's temperature, cooling it as low as 12°C or warming it as high as 46°C. You can even do this remotely with a remote control.

Cooling and Warming with Water

KOZ-E Sleep employs a cooling and heating system featuring internal and external heat exchanger technology. By adding water to the control unit's tank, water circulates through widespread channels within the mattress topper. The control unit silently and efficiently adjusts the temperature for cooling or warming the bed. Cleaning KOZ-E Sleep is also made easy.

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Quality sleep

With KOZ-E Sleep, most users who struggle to get enough sleep at night experience immediate benefits from a night of quality sleep.

Temperature Control

Sleep scientists have found that maintaining a consistent skin temperature at night significantly improves deep sleep and minimizes the likelihood of waking up during the night or early morning. This is why KOZ-E Sleep has been developed to allow you to control your sleep temperature.

Lower Humidity: Cleaner, and Cozier Bed

Temperature control also helps maintain the relative humidity in the bed at an ideal level, keeping KOZ-E free from moisture. Every morning, your bed feels fresh, and you wake up recharged with positive energy.

Deeper and Longer Sleep: Elevate Your Well-being

Unlock the secret to healthy sleep with KOZ-E Sleep: a personalized, temperature-controlled bed. The KOZ-E mattress topper uses a cool mesh fabric for maximum cooling and warming.

Enhance Deep Sleep

While temperature recommendations for sleep may vary slightly, a general guideline is that 18-19°C falls within the ideal range for optimal sleep. This range is optimal because it aligns with the drop in core body temperature regulated by our circadian rhythm in the evening, coinciding with melatonin secretion in the brain.

  • Tempature control

  • Better sleep

  • Energy saving

  • Waterflow cycling

  • Health

Prevent Night Sweats

Comfortable temperatures help prevent sweating during sleep, keeping your mattress clean and dry. Most customers experience immediate improvements after just one night.

Energy Saving

KOZ-E is committed to promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. With an impressively low energy consumption of just 1.2 kWh over 8 hours of use, our products not only provide you with unparalleled comfort but also help reduce your environmental footprint. This exceptional energy-saving feature ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of a personalized and temperature-controlled sleep environment without compromising on eco-friendliness, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Only natural materials

At KOZ-E, we prioritize your comfort and well-being, which is why we've eliminated electronic wires from your sleeping environment. Our innovative technology relies on the simplicity of natural fabrics and water to create a personalized and temperature-controlled sleep experience.


  • Health and Comfort
  • Fall asleep quicker and enjoy deeper, uninterrupted, longer sleep at consistent temperatures.
  • Individually-adjustable temperature control keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Experience the constant feeling of a clean and dry mattress.
  • Maximum Hygiene
  • Your body temperature is regulated while you sleep, preventing perspiration.

Wellness While You Sleep

What is the secret to vitality? Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and, above all, a good and restorative night's sleep every night.

Research has shown that your body cleans, repairs, and regenerates itself while you sleep, and sleep is directly linked to mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The benefits are countless, as it improves your immune system, memory, focus, body weight, and even contributes to a more youthful appearance.

KOZ-E aims to enhance the quality of your sleep by providing the ideal sleep environment for a happier, healthier, and more energetic life.


Frequently asked questions

Finding the perfect sleep temperature involves considering various factors like location, season, and ambient temperature. Your body also plays a crucial role in determining the best temperature setting. If you tend to feel cold when sleeping, try a temperature between 25 and 28°C. If you're unsure or sleep comfortably, opt for a temperature between 22 and 25°C. If you know you feel hot when sleeping, consider a temperature between 12 and 22°C.

To determine the best temperature, select one within the recommended range and lay on the pad for 3 to 5 minutes to assess how it feels. When setting up your KOZ-E Sleep, it's advisable to avoid extreme temperatures initially. Be aware that it can take 7-10 days to find your preferred temperature settings.