The KOZ-E Warm series is powered by a mobile power supply and utilizes an infrared carbon fiber heating element, employing advanced heating technology to keep you warm and cozy. This makes it convenient for outdoor travel without the hassle of power cords. The product is designed with three levels of temperature adjustment. KOZ-E Warm will help you reduce your heating costs as it consumes less energy. In comparison to traditional heaters, KOZ-E carbon fiber heating elements generate heat efficiently from the electricity they use, allowing you to pay less for a greater amount of warmth.

This versatile and unique mattress topper offers both cooling and heating options, making it fully customizable to your personal preferences. With its user-friendly design, you can easily set the desired temperature, ranging from 12 to 46 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, this device is quieter and more energy-efficient than a traditional air conditioner or heater, and because it works directly on your body, it is significantly more effective in regulating your sleep environment.
The KOZ-E Sleep operates through a water circulation system. Water is cooled or heated by a thermoelectric Module and then circulated through a network of tubes within the mattress topper, ensuring even temperature distribution across the entire mattress.