KOZ-E Sleep Conditioner 30ml

KOZ-E Sleep Conditioner 30ml


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Product features

  • The 100% organic formula has no negative effect on the mattress topper.
  • The conditioner uses an alternative method for water purification by adding large numbers of water purifying microorganisms.
  • These micro-organisms belong to the least harmful category (risk group 1 according to TRBA) and are safe to use for consumers. The process is unique and patented.

Product description

  • With the KOZ-E conditioner you prevent the growth of algae, bacteria and fungi in the water of your KOZ-E Sleep.
  • We recommend adding the conditioner to the water tank of your KOZ-E device twice a year. You don’t need to replace the water at all.


How do you add the conditioner?   

  • In principle, the water in the water mattress does not need to be changed even once. To ensure that the device works smoothly and to keep the quality of the water in good condition, we recommend adding a bottle of KOZ-E Sleep conditioner (30 ml) to the water once every six months.
  • Please note: make sure there is water in the water reservoir. Then add the conditioner. Replace the reservoir cap and turn the device on for 1 hour at a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.

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