How to order on

How to order on

  • Place the desired item in the digital shopping cart via the large orange button.
  • Go to the item you want to order and choose the correct color and size. Then click on the orange button 'add to shopping cart'.
  • You now have two choices, continue shopping or complete your order.
  • When you have finished shopping, click on the shopping cart at the top right. Here you can check the contents of your shopping cart and adjust it if desired.
  • Once you have checked everything, click the > finish button.

Provide personal information

  • To place your order, enter the requested personal information here, including your name, address and email address.
  • You enter your billing address.
  • You can choose to specify a different delivery address.
  • Checking and shipping
  • Check the overview of your order. Is everything correct? Then continue with the ordering process. Do you want to make an adjustment? Which can. Adjust the part and continue with the ordering process.
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