Sleeping tips for students with KOZ-E

Sleeping tips for students with KOZ-E

As a student, you probably already have enough on your mind with deadlines, exams and study materials. Unfortunately, this pressure often causes sleep problems. But don't worry, we understand and have the ultimate tips to improve your night's sleep, so you can start your studies fresh and energetic.

Causes of Sleep Problems in Students

Many students suffer from sleeping problems, and the causes are diverse. Stress, tension, mood problems, worrying, physical disorders and a disturbed day and night rhythm are among the culprits. A bad mattress, bed, slatted base, duvet or pillow can also contribute to a lack of sleep. However, a good night's sleep is crucial, especially for students who want to focus on their studies. Research shows that increasing the average sleep from 6 to 7 hours is rewarded with an average of 1.7 more points on each exam.

The Ultimate Tips for Better Sleep


1. Invest in a quality bed:

Explore natural remedies such as taking a cool shower, moderate alcohol and coffee consumption, and add evening meditation. In addition, invest in innovative devices such as KOZ-E Sleep for personalized temperature control.


2. KOZ-E Sleep Mattress Topper:

Take your sleep to the next level with the KOZ-E Sleep mattress topper. This is specially designed to optimize sleep and offers both cooling and heating options. Easily adjust the temperature between 12 and 46 degrees Celsius to create your ideal sleeping conditions.


3. Healthy sleeping habits:

In addition to the right products, it is important to develop healthy sleeping habits. Ensure a moderate intake of caffeine and alcohol, create a regular sleep rhythm, avoid screens before bedtime and provide a restful sleeping environment.

Why KOZ-E Sleep?

The KOZ-E Sleep is an advanced mattress topper that uses a smart water circulation system. Water is cooled or heated by an efficient compressor, after which it is guided through a network of pipes in the mattress topper. This leads to an even temperature over your entire mattress surface, which guarantees an optimal night's sleep. Because the temperature acts directly on the body, the KOZ-E Sleep is much more efficient at regulating the sleeping temperature than a fan or central heating. Moreover, it is a much more energy-efficient solution, which can save you dozens of euros per month in electricity and gas.

Invest in your sleep and therefore in your personal development. With the right conditions and products, such as KOZ-E Sleep, you can significantly improve the quality of your sleep and face the challenges of student life with renewed energy. Sleep well and good luck with your studies!

KOZ-E Sleep Cool and Warm Mattress Topper with its own temperature control

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