KOZ-E Successfully Launched at Excellent Woonbeurs in Ahoy 2023

KOZ-E Warm (Wireless Foot Warmers, Heating Blankets, Heating Cushions) and KOZ-E Cool&Warm (Cool and Warm Top Mattress, Adjustable from 12 to 46 degrees Celsius) were successfully introduced at their first event in 2023 at the Excellent Woonbeurs. We take great pride in this achievement after years of hard work, finally presenting our high-quality KOZ-E products to consumers. While the KOZ-E brand may be new to the general public, behind the scenes there is a dedicated team working passionately to ensure that all KOZ-E products meet our customers' expectations, from appearance to functionality.


During the fair, we received numerous positive feedback from attendees. People showed great enthusiasm for the KOZ-E Cool and Warm Mattress Topper, seeing it for the first time. They were surprised by how effectively the bed could be cooled to 12 degrees, catering to the different sleep temperatures of couples. Many couples have varying preferences, with one preferring a colder sleep and the other preferring warmth. KOZ-E provides an excellent solution for this. The mattress topper is designed with a cool mesh material, allowing for optimal breathability during sleep. There are no electronic components on the bed, ensuring 100% safety. The mattress topper is thin, suitable for all bed sizes, and very energy-efficient compared to air conditioning or central heating. It can be used year-round, ensuring a comfortable sleep at your preferred temperature for all four seasons.


These advantages align with KOZ-E's ultimate goal: to take good care of your sleep, leading to a better quality of life. We believe in the positive impact that KOZ-E can have on your overall well-being.


The KOZ-E Warm series attracted attention for its appealing aesthetics and comfort. It warms up quickly, featuring highly durable classic fabric and meticulous stitching details that speak to the essence of KOZ-E: quality always prevails.


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