KOZ-E Sleep: The solution for hot flashes during menopause

KOZ-E Sleep: The solution for hot flashes during menopause

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Hot flashes are among the most common and unpleasant symptoms for women going through menopause. They can not only disrupt your night's sleep but also have a profound impact on your quality of life, mood, and daily performance. It's no secret that this symptom can cause significant stress and even weaken the immune system.


But what if we tell you there's an effective solution to reduce hot flashes and optimize your sleep quality? Allow us to introduce you to the KOZ-E Sleep mattress topper, a ground-breaking product specifically designed to offer you the perfect sleep temperature tailored to your personal preferences, no matter the season.

How does KOZ-E Sleep work?

KOZ-E Sleep is an advanced mattress topper that utilizes a smart water circulation system. Water is cooled or heated by an efficient compressor and then circulated through a network of tubes within the mattress topper. The result? An even temperature across your entire mattress surface, ensuring an optimal night's sleep.

Benefits for women in menopause

This provides substantial benefits for women going through menopause, significantly improving their quality of life, such as:


1. Reduced hot flashes:

A cool sleeping environment is crucial for reducing hot flashes. With KOZ-E Sleep, you can create the ideal sleep temperature for menopausal women, resulting in fewer night-time hot flashes.


2. Improved sleep quality:

Quality sleep is invaluable during menopause. KOZ-E Sleep contributes to enhancing sleep quality by effectively reducing night-time sweating.


3. Fewer night-time awakenings:

Night-time awakenings are a common issue during menopause, but with KOZ-E Sleep, you can minimize these uncomfortable sleep interruptions by adjusting your sleep environment's temperature to your liking.



A 52-year-old woman shared her experiences with the KOZ-E Sleep mattress topper. She found the installation straightforward and noted that the device produced a slight sound, similar to a fan. However, she found using the mattress topper much more comfortable and effective than using a fan to regulate the temperature in her sleep environment.


During the first week, she discovered that her ideal sleep temperature ranged between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. A temperature of 12 °C proved too cold for her and led to muscle cramps. KOZ-E Sleep helped her to maintain a consistent temperature under the duvet and reduced night-time awakenings, something she had been dealing with, especially since entering menopause. These benefits continued in later weeks, even during spring and summer with higher room temperatures.

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The science behind KOZ-E Sleep

Did you know that temperature variations have been proven to have a significant impact on sleep quality? Scientific research has shown that a too-warm sleep environment increases the risk of night-time sweating and hot flashes, disrupting sleep. On the other hand, a too-cold environment can lead to muscle cramps and discomfort. With KOZ-E Sleep, you have full control over your sleep temperature in every season, ensuring that you always enjoy deep and refreshing sleep.

KOZ-E has a rich history of 20 years of experience in technology and textiles, with a mission to provide optimal temperature control for your living and sleeping comfort using the most reliable technologies. Because a comfortable temperature is essential for our well-being, we have combined high-quality, soft materials with innovative heating and cooling technologies. At KOZ-E, we value elegance and comfort, but we also have a deep commitment to human well-being and our environment. That's why we have designed unique products that make you less dependent on traditional heating and air conditioning, resulting in energy-efficient solutions in the fight against climate change.

Invest in your well-being

If you're looking for an effective way to reduce hot flashes and improve your sleep quality during menopause, consider the KOZ-E Sleep mattress topper. You deserve the comfortable and refreshing sleep this innovative technology can offer you. Invest in your well-being today and enjoy better sleep and all the benefits that come with it. Seize this opportunity to transform your menopause experience and promote your health. With the KOZ-E Sleep mattress topper, a deep, restorative sleep is within reach.

KOZ-E Sleep Cool and Warm Mattress Topper with its own temperature control

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