Energy Saving in a Student House: Smart Tips for a More Economical Living

Energy Saving in a Student House: Smart Tips for a More Economical Living

Student life is known for fun, new friendships and… unfortunately also a somewhat limited budget. Saving energy may not seem like the most exciting activity, but it can make a big difference in your monthly expenses and for the environment. Here are some smart ways students can live more energy efficiently, and who knows, even win a competition!

1. Shower shorter, save more

It may seem like a small thing, but showering a minute shorter can make a big difference. You do not only save water, but you also save the energy needed to heat that water. With the high gas and energy costs of recent years, this is a significant saving! Install a timer in the bathroom to make it fun and challenge your roommates to get the shortest shower time.


2. Turn down the heating

In student houses, the battle over the thermostat is a well-known phenomenon. By turning the heating down a degree and discussing the ideal temperature together, you can save a lot on energy costs. An extra layer of clothing or a warm blanket, such as those that KOZ-E Warm offers, can minimize the need for higher temperatures.


3. Do not burn in ventilated rooms

Ventilation is important, but heating with the windows wide open is a waste of energy. Ensure good ventilation without unnecessarily heating the room. For example, buy a door closer to automatically close doors after airing.


4. Cooking and eating together

A shared meal is not only enjoyable, but it can also save energy. By cooking together at one time and using the kitchen efficiently, you prevent different appliances from running at different times. Plus it saves on washing up!

5. KOZ-E Warm Blankets and Pillows

Optimize your comfort without keeping the heating constantly high. With the KOZ-E Warm blankets and pillows you can enjoy warmth in specific places, perfect for cozy movie nights or study moments. This way you can easily save on heating the house and immediately enjoy pleasant warmth, whatever you do. Efficient and energy saving!


Saving energy in a student house does not have to be complicated. With small adjustments and conscious choices you can not only reduce costs, but also have a positive impact on the environment. Take up the challenge and discover how much you can save as a student house!



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