Relaxing hotel stays with KOZ-E Sleep

Relaxing hotel stays with KOZ-E Sleep

A British hotel chain has plans to pamper guests with pre-heated beds. If you don't want to sleep in a cold bed, you now have the option to order a 'bed warmer'. A hotel employee then comes by to warm up your bed before going to sleep, wearing a special sleeping suit.

A creative idea, but certainly not as efficient as the innovative KOZ-E Sleep. This is a mattress topper that can both cool and heat, so that you are always assured of your ideal sleeping temperature. Have you ever experienced that your hotel stay threatened to turn into a disaster because your night's sleep was disturbed by an unpleasant ambient temperature? With the KOZ-E Sleep cooling and heating mattress topper this is a thing of the past, and a good night's sleep in a hotel is guaranteed.

Why choose KOZ-E Sleep in the hotel?

With KOZ-E Sleep you always reach the perfect temperature. Say goodbye to uncomfortable nights due to temperature fluctuations. The KOZ-E Sleep mattress topper offers both cooling and heating options, so you can set your ideal sleeping temperature.

KOZ-E Sleep offers you self-service and simplicity. With KOZ-E Sleep you have full control over your ambient temperature and you are not dependent on the climate control in the hotel room. Easily set the desired temperature with the user-friendly controls.

Whether it is winter and you need some extra warmth, or it is a summer night when you are looking for cooling, the KOZ-E Sleep adapts to your needs. This way you always feel comfortable in bed, regardless of the season.

What makes the KOZ-E Sleep mattress topper unique?

1. KOZ-E Sleep can both cool and heat. The mattress topper offers advanced temperature control, so you can sleep comfortably in any season.

2. The mattress topper is ideal for any bed. Whether you have a partner who gets hot quickly or need cooling during hot nights yourself, KOZ-E Sleep is the solution.

3. KOZ-E can be combined with all types of sheets, so feel free to choose your favorite cooling bedding or that luxuriously soft mattress cover.

4. Sleeping in a hotel without air conditioning is no longer a problem. Set the temperature of the KOZ-E lower and enjoy the quick cooling that will put you to sleep like a baby.

Enjoy a relaxing hotel stay

Experience the difference with the KOZ-E Sleep mattress topper and enjoy a deep, relaxing sleep in the comfort of a hotel bed. Invest in your sleeping comfort and make every night in a hotel a restful experience.

KOZ-E Sleep Cool and Warm Mattress Topper with its own temperature control

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